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Welcome to The Family Advocacy Center's Website.

   The young child down the street who has always been so active, outgoing and into everything has, for the last few days, been withdrawn and you find yourself asking I wonder what happened?

  Chances are good that the thought of child abuse would never cross your mind and yet the chances are even better that this child is being abused. Sudden changes in demeanor and personality in young children are often the very first signs of abuse both physical and sexual.  Common Signs of Physical and Sexual Abuse

  If the thought of a child being abused, in any manner, crosses our mind it is incumbent on us, as decent human beings, to report our suspicions. That is why The Family Advocacy Centers were created. If we don't act on our suspicions a child
may be abused repeatedly for many years.

  We the parents, neighbors and friends are not professionals. We do not have the training to know when a child is being abused or not. If any one of the signs of child abuse is evident it is our responsibility to report that suspicion.
  The Family Advocacy Centers will take your call 24 hours a day in complete anonymity. When The Family Advocacy Centers steps in to investigate your reported suspicions, trained personnel will determine the well being of the child. If abuse is indeed happening, your anonymous report may save the child from all of their pain, suffering and maybe even death. And if you're wrong, no harm has been done all the way around!


FAC 2 year celebration send-off
May 8th, 2013

Reproduced by permission of the White Mountain Independent

   Brad Carlyon and a crowd gathered at the Navajo County Family Advocacy Center's open house May 8 to release balloons representing 71 children helped by the center so far this year (41 pink balloons for girls and 30 blue balloons for boys).

   Since the center opened March 8, 2011, 219 children have been helped. The average age of a child seen at the center is 9 years, 6 months old, the average age of the perpetrator is 24 years old and 25 percent of the perpetrators were parents.

  "Keeping what we do on a daily basis at the FAC a secret is not our intent," explained Aaron Ulibarri, executive director of the Family Advocacy Center. "It just happens that most people don't really want to know about child abuse, much less talk about it." The open house was part a celebration commemorating its second anniversary, but also an opportunity to tell why they exist in Navajo Countyin the first place. "We're here because children are being abused in our community," said Brad Carlyon, Navajo County attorney.


   The Family Advocacy Centers depend on donations, fundraisers and matching funds to operate. Without the support of our communities, sponsors, and individuals like you, we cannot protect the children of our communities who so desperately need our services.

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